Tucker Rhymes


I'm Gay

Puff Puff

Additionally, enjoy a few more videos that focus on Tucker, other  poodles and heart warmth.  Click the images below to access.

Having been born/raised in Ohio but graduated from high school/college in Michigan, the state of Michigan and MSU are my forever homes.  That said,  I got a chuckle out of a related-song (Ohio State vs Univ of Mich) that I found on Amazon and created a video for Ohioans to like/share and Michiganders to chuckle/delete.  Click the Buckeye Blend image below to watch/listen/download on Amazon.

One more thing.  If you want a personal ringtone for your cell phone to know when YOURS is ringing, visit a page where 33 "unique"  ringtones are available to download to/for your phone.  Click the cell phone image to the right to access them.

Rainbow Bridge

Please don't be offended, but enjoy a couple other videos that focus on marijuana and LGBT lives.  Click the images below to access.