​​​​Our Objective

To enhance the Special Olympics experience, the Pot-A-Plant program was created in 1985 to offer athletes an opportunity to commune with nature.  The potting activity encourages athletes to touch and feel soil and learn how to handle and care for live plants. It is a simple form of horticultural therapy that has great impact.  The program is one of the most popular extracurricular activities during the Summer Games. 

     Sharing Your Event

Each active state affiliate has its own web page.  Volunteers can sign-up for each event through their state's web page.  After every summer event, the state coordinator can submit photos and donor information for inclusion on the state's web page.  We also keep your upcoming event information updated.  Visit an affiliate State Web Page.

     Policies And Procedures

1.  Pot-A-Plant is a coordinated, volunteer program that provides horticultural therapy activities for athletes during free time at the Special Olympics Summer Games.  It is normally a booth in the Olympic Village, Sponsor Village or Expo Park.

2.   Booth space is usually provided by the local Olympic Village.

3.   Pot-A-Plant is coordinated by a State Coordinator, often an interior plantscaper local to the Summer Games venue and appointed by the Pot-A-Plant CEO.

4.   The State Coordinator oversees the operations of the local program and coordinates with Special Olympics and Sponsor staff to effect its implementation.
Specifically, The State Coordinator will ...

​          A.  Gather a team of assistants with whom to work and assign procurement responsibilities.

      B.  Procure all materials needed for the booth. Activity materials can be procured through donations and/or coordination with Special Olympics and Sponsor staff.
      C.  Recruit and train volunteers to staff the booth and create a work schedule. Recruitment is normally performed by word-of-mouth or email solicitation in advance of the event and volunteer registration is handled via a form on each state's webpage. Volunteerism is handled differently across the country.

      D.  Maintain communication with Special Olympics and Sponsor staff.

      E.  Maintain communication with the Pot-A-Plant CEO and CFO.

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